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Key service components

Electronic mail support outsourcing is an effective way to communicate with customers without wasting time and resources. You will receive with us:

  • Swift Response Time: our team commits to quick response times, ensuring that customer inquiries are addressed promptly and efficiently.
  • Escalation Protocols: we have established escalation procedures to handle complex issues, ensuring resolution within specified timeframes and maintaining customer satisfaction.
  • Quality Assurance: rigorous quality checks are conducted on all outgoing communications to uphold accuracy, professionalism, and brand integrity.
  • Knowledge Management: we maintain comprehensive knowledge bases, empowering our agents to deliver accurate and consistent responses to diverse customer queries.
  • Automated Workflows: leveraging automation tools, we streamline mail management processes, categorizing and prioritizing messages for efficient handling.
  • Scalability: our email customer service outsourcing is scalable to accommodate fluctuations in volume, ensuring uninterrupted service delivery during peak periods and business growth.
Omni-channel and
multilingual support
We cover all channels and ways of communication with your users and offer multilingual support

Expertise of the Zenko Group

We are experts in solving problems with “an asterisk”. We are not afraid of challenges and take a comprehensive approach to solving complex problems. You can safely entrust us with your project because you will get:


Contact with customers becomes more efficient because operators work according to scripts and do upsell

Support 24/7/365

If your customers make purchases at night, our operators will provide them with information at this time


It’s more profitable for you to use an outsourcing service than to maintain an office, team, equipment, and solve many related issues

Data security

We take care of your customer base as if it were our own. We ensure data protection in accordance with the NDA agreement and ISO 27001 security certificate

Dedicated team

We involve specialists from various fields in the project. They care about the quality and result of the project

Transparent Monitoring

Are you used to keeping track of qualitative and quantitative indicators? For your comfort, we provide online reports and access

Data protection

Customer safety is paramount to us. We ensure data protection in accordance with the NDA agreement and ISO 27001 security certificate.

Your business is in good hands. You deal with strategies, and we communicate with customers.

Outsourcing launch plan

Get Started
Leave your inquiry or consultation request, and let's kick-start your journey towards optimized operations
Quick Response Time - Within 24 hours
We'll reach out to you and help tailor the perfect service package to meet your needs
Seamless Onboarding - Within 5 days
We'll finalize our service agreement, ensuring all collaboration details are securely in place
Efficient CRM Setup: within 10 days
We'll fine-tune your CRM system and assemble the perfect team for your project's success.
Smooth Test Run: within 2 days
Experience a seamless transition with our 2-day test launch, ensuring everything runs flawlessly before full implementation
Data-Driven Optimization: within 2-4 days
We'll analyze performance metrics and smoothly transition to a stable collaboration model, ensuring ongoing success

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