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Network of Clinics in Canada

Task: To elevate Patient Experience, ensuring seamless appointment scheduling aligned with clinic standards and clinical notes. With personalized support, compliance assurance we’re dedicated to enhancing patient experience and optimizing clinic’s operations.


  • Processed 25,000+ cases per month
  • Created a structure for in-house training of agents
  • Established a multilingual team of specialists
  • Created business processes for the partner
  • We have the best service quality indicators among competing companies

Booking an appointment with a patient in a network of clinics. Canada

Task: To communicate with patients through inbound and outbound lines. To advise and make appointments with physicians and for medical procedures in accordance with the clinic’s standards.

Approach: We developed a training structure for agents and created a multilingual team of specialists. We used our own telephony and CRM system to communicate effectively with patients. Since we understand the complexity of the product, we trained our agents in all the necessary skills.

Results: We accepted and successfully processed more than 25,000 cases within a month. We created effective business processes for our partner. We were able to optimize customer interaction to process requests quickly and accurately.

The team has achieved high service quality indicators, what was recognized by our partner.

Sales of solar panels in the US market

Task: to sell the service of installing panels for household owners using a ready-made customer base.


  • Smooth start of the project in 3 days
  • More than 100,000 prospects were contacted within 4 months
  • Fulfilled the KPI of sales on the project
  • We used our own telephony and CRM system
  • Created our own training program for sales agents

Sale of solar panels in the US market

Task: To sell a solar panel installation service to household owners using a ready-made customer base.

Approach: We launched a comprehensive sales campaign aimed at potential customers. Using our own telephony and CRM system, we communicated with potential customers.
We conducted training for our agents to provide them with the required technical knowledge. Since solar panels are an engineering complex product and require an understanding of special terms.

Results: In 4 months, agents effectively contacted 100,000+ potential customers. We achieved the key performance indicators (KPIs) of sales.
The selected specialists for the project worked quickly and efficiently, so we were able to launch the project in 3 days. Our partner noted the efficiency and effectiveness of the team.

Dubai. Real estate market

Task: to process inbound chat messages; to provide service to customers living in rented apartments


  • We have formed a stable team that has remained unchanged throughout the year
  • Providing multilingual agents for the project. Served 3 languages within Project
  • The specifics of the region have taken into account
  • We have created our own quality control checklist
  • The schedule agent time has been fine-tuned to the partner needs

Online communication in chats with apartment residents. Dubai.

Task: Processing inbound chat messages, providing service to customers living in rented apartments in Dubai.

Approach: We have assembled a stable team. Specialists have been working on the project for a year in the same team. To control the quality of operators, we have developed our own control system. The working hours of our agents are customized to the needs of the partner, taking into account the specifics of the region.

Results: We have achieved key performance indicators (KPIs) in terms of message processing and service provision. We successfully launched the project in just 3 days. The project employs multilingual agents, which allowed us to serve customers in 3 languages.

The partner noted the concentration and friendliness of the agents in his project.

Children's supermarket chain ANTOSHKA

Task: to strengthen the company’s internal call center to improve the quality of service and reduce the number of missed calls.


  • The project was launched within 3 days.
  • Lost calls reduced by 3 times
  • We closed the peak traffic within inconvenient working hours
  • Working hours from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m.
  • The project involved 8 agents
Natalia Murka
Director of Antoshka Private Enterprise

“ANTOSHKA” expresses its gratitude to Zenko for the quick start and for the quality work on the project of processing incoming calls. We have received the first results of the agents’ work in just 3 days. All possible requirements for this project were fulfilled. Zenko quickly solved the tasks at the project and fulfilled its obligations under the project.

We express our special gratitude to the management of Zenko. Thanks to their competent and qualified approach we have reduced the loss of calls on the first line in 3 times. We recommend Zenko as a reliable partner and conscientious performer in telecommunications and incoming line support.

Call Center of PJSC "DTEK Kyiv Electric Networks"

Task: to handle incoming calls and all inquiries from DTEK’s customers in Kyiv and Kyiv region, Dnipropetrovs’k and Odesa regions.


  • 75,000 calls per month
  • Cooperation for more than one year
  • Working hours from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m.
  • The project involved 50+ agents
  • Full integration with customer operations, from software to business processes
Dumenko I.
Head of the Call Center of PJSC "DTEK Kyiv Electric Networks"

We would like to express our gratitude to Profit Call LLC for the quality of their work on the project to process incoming calls. All possible requirements for this program have been met and are currently being fulfilled.

We would like to express our special gratitude to the company’s management. We have reduced call losses thanks to their competent and skilled approach. The average number of calls handled by Profit Call on DTEK projects in Kyiv and the region is more than 75,000 calls per month. We recommend Profit Call as a responsible partner and conscientious performer of telecommunications and incoming and outgoing line support service.

Insurance company UNIQA Ukraine

Task: to provide first-line support services for the medical assistance department of a large insurance company.


  • The project was launched within 24 hours
  • We recruited 25 agents for the project in 1 day
  • The Service Level (SL) reached 90% in 20 seconds (target level of 80% was exceeded).
  • Provide the first line of support
  • Ensuring full support within peak traffic hours
Dobrovolsky A.
Director of Customer Support Directorates (Border) for Personal Insurance at UNIQA Ukraine

Zenko proved to be a highly qualified partner in providing inbound communication services for our medical assistant. The company provided us with an unexpected result: 25 agents in 1 day. They also managed to connect all the communication settings and additional functions within a day.

The project was 100% completed – well-coordinated work and quality service for our customers. Thanks to the high level of competence demonstrated by Zenko employees, the customer service level reached 90% in 20 seconds (target level of 80% was exceeded). We express our gratitude to Zenko for their professionalism and true partnership approach. We confidently recommend them for cooperation!

State Institution "Government Contact Center"

Task: to ensure communication between Ukrainian citizens and the state through the government contact center at the beginning of the hostilities, April – May 2022.


  • Thousands of calls from citizens received per day
  • The project involved 45 agents
  • High-quality performance under conditions of power outages, air raids and high emotional stress
  • Project was launched in the early weeks of the full-scale military invasion of Ukraine
  • Ensuring that all possible categories of appeals are considered
Marianna Vilshynska
Director of the State Institution "Government Contact Center"

We would like to express our gratitude for the fruitful cooperation with PROFIT KOLL LLC, which operates under Zenko brand. Thanks to your team, together we were able to pass the challenges and overcome the obstacles that we faced in this difficult time for our country.

Each employee who worked with us during this time made an invaluable contribution to the victory of our country. Nowadays, more than ever, the unity of society plays an important role in overcoming difficult life circumstances. We are confident that we will maintain friendly relations with you and your team, with the possibility of further cooperation for the benefit and realization of common interests for our country. We wish you and your company success and prosperity.


  • 3 years of collaboration
  • up to 150 agents were involved in the project
  • 104,000 activated credit products
  • 10,000,000+ outbound calls yearly
  • The highest quality indicators and Top 3 position among all call centers in Ukraine
Roman Gurevych
Head of distance sales "Alfa-Bank Ukraine"

“Alfa-Bank Ukraine” has been a long-term client of Profit Call LLC (brand under Zenko Group). We would like to express our complete satisfaction with the partnership.

Within three-year collaboration, Zenko Group has provided us with high quality results in selling banking products through their contact center. Over 100,000 credit products were activated. The agents’ work was well-organized and coordinated efficiently.

Thank you for the cooperation.

Mexico. Recruitment assistance

Task: to attract new agents to the company in Mexico City.


  • We have searched, negotiated and hired new employees who meet the needs and requirements of the partner
  • We delivered 10 agents to the training stage in a couple of hours
  • Smooth start of the project in 5 days

Mexico. Recruitment assistance

Task: Recruit, train and provide operators to a company located in Mexico City.

Approach: We used our own methodology to search for candidates. In 2 days, we received 60+ quality contacts with whom we conducted preliminary interviews. It was important to find people living close to a specific geographic address, as the city has high traffic. After successful recruitment, we organized training and internships for 10 agents. The entire process, from recruitment to onboarding, took only 5 days.

Results: Our team successfully searched and hired new employees for the partner. We provided training and transferred the trained agents to the partner’s team. Thanks to the fast and professional hiring process, the partner’s team received new employees in just 5 days.

SOS Service Ukraine LTD.

Task: to process incoming calls and all requests from SOS SERVICE UKRAINE customers in a quality manner


  • 55,000 calls in a peak month
  • The project involved 40+ agents
  • Working hours from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.
  • Solving complex client cases
  • The project worked without days off
Dmitry Gudyuk
Acting Director General

SOS SERVICE UKRAINE LLC expresses its gratitude to Profit Call LLC (under Zenko brand) for the quick start and for the quality work performed on the project.

The company helped to process incoming calls and all inquiries from SOS SERVICE UKRAINE LLC clients in a quality manner. We express special gratitude to the company’s management. The average number of calls processed by Profit Call on the SOS SERVICE UKRAINE project in Ukraine is more than 55,000 calls in the peak month of traffic.

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