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Zenko Group — the voice of your brand. Outsoursing contact center

We create a voice for your brand that reflects your values and uniqueness. Attracting and retaining customers for long-term growth is our strength, ensuring the sustained prosperity of your business.
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We cover all business communication needs

We establish a productive dialog with your customers by providing comprehensive support services. For 10 years, companies from Ukraine, the EU, the USA, Canada, and the UAE have been trusting us to communicate with their customers.
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Omni-channel and
multilingual support
We cover all channels and ways of communication with your users and offer multilingual support
Bohdan Koshovyi
Founder and CEO of ZENKO group

We know how to surprise with outstanding results

Bohdan Koshoviy: "We have founded and are developing a company that we are rightfully proud of. Zenko Group is widely recognized and has a successful track record of working with businesses, government hotlines and volunteer support projects."

Customer support outsourcing from Zenko Group: a reliable and high-quality solution

Zenko Group – who are they

Zenko Group is an outsourced contact center that has been operating since 2014. The company is widely recognized and has successful experience working with businesses, government hotlines, and volunteer support projects. Over 10 years in the market, we have served hundreds of large businesses and startups, helping them achieve impressive results.

Our goal in working with clients

We have three main goals: quality, convenience, and speed. Every service should be of high quality, and our clients should be able to get everything they need quickly and easily. Thanks to the use of modern technologies and our own methodology for tracking quality indicators, we guarantee maximum agent productivity and the highest level of service.

At the start of the project, we organize the work so that agents are as productive as possible every minute. In addition, each project is assigned a specific technology that allows agents to work as efficiently as possible and helps to correct even the smallest mistakes.

We can integrate all the necessary communication channels into your own customer relationship management system (QCRM). Such integration will provide even more convenience and efficiency of service.

We invite you to cooperate

Contact us to learn more about our experience. Ask us about projects we have successfully worked on in your industry. Together we will deliver impressive results!

Reviews of customers and partners are the best reward
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