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Representatives of Zenko Group took part in the CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE conference: focus on people-centeredness.


On February 23, 2024, Zenko Group participated in the CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE conference, which was organized under the “People-centric” concept.

This event brought together representatives from various industries, including retail, logistics, banking, IT, HoReCa, medical, and agro-industry, to discuss current topics in customer experience.

During the conference, participants engaged in constructive dialogues with industry leaders and took part in workshops on CX practices, sales, service design, and artificial intelligence.


Zenko Group took part in 2 interesting workshops within the framework of the CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE conference:

  • The first workshop, led by Oksana Marusych, focused on “How to consciously make customers fall in love with your company?”.

Her practical tips and methods helped participants effectively create a Customer Journey Map and improve service in sales.

  • The second workshop, conducted by Anton Semenov, addressed the topic “How employees should communicate with veterans to avoid causing retraumatization? How to behave in non-standard situations?”

This workshop highlighted important issues of interaction with veterans and the development of effective communications. The topic of veterans’ reintegration is highly relevant today, as individuals return to civilian life after military service. Both managers and employees need to learn how to appropriately interact in such situations.

Bohdan Koshovyi, CEO of Zenko Group, shared his perspective: “From my point of view, this conference was an opportunity to deepen my knowledge in the field of CX management. I advise everyone who wants to improve their skills in customer experience to participate in such events.”