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Participation in the UCCAI conference “People or Processes? Priorities for 2024”


On February 15, Kyiv Zhovtneviy Palats hosted the conference UCCAI “People or Processes? Priorities for 2024”. Zenko Group CEO Bohdan Koshovyi took part in the event. Fifteen speakers shared their knowledge and experience at the conference.

The meeting was full of diverse reports, workshops and business games that allowed to get new contacts and important insights. Bohdan Koshovyi presented the 2 topics of the most interesting reports.

  1. “People & AI”. Oksana Arbuzova, Director of the Medical Service Organization Department at VUSO Insurance Company. Business trainer, coach, consultant.

For example: automation of processes through artificial intelligence in the medical industry, such as medical records management and procedure scheduling, reduces the time and costs of administrative procedures. Less time spent on paperwork, more time spent on communication with patients. We, as users of medical services, will benefit.

  1.  Master class “Emotions are also codes. Mindfulness as a modern gadget for emotional hygiene and providing mature service” – Lora Gasai, MMIT Certified Mindfulness Instructor.

The master class analyzes the impact of emotions on life and business. For example, call center operators who are being trained in mindfulness are better able to understand customers, especially in cases of increased tension or conflict. As a result, the stress level of operators is minimized, the quality of service is increased, and the customer experience is improved.

Bohdan Koshovyi: “We will develop these techniques over time because the emotional state of each employee is very important for both work and personal life.”

Participation in the conference is always a useful experience that will definitely be reflected in the future strategies and actions of Zenko Group.